Dave Hawk Preliminary Hearing | Shocking Testimony from Hawk's Ex-Girlfriend

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Hawk is accused of murdering his ex-wife, Debbie, more than two years ago. Prosecutors began making their case for Dave Hawk to go to trial.

Debbie Hawk's father and Dave Hawk's father were the first two people to take the stand this morning. But it was the testimony of Dave Hawk's ex-girlfriend, Mary Royer, that was the most shocking and revealing.

Dave Hawk's ex-girlfriend, Mary Royer, had the most startling testimony of the day. She lived and shared a bank account with Hawk, who entered the courtroom grinning. On the witness stand, she went back and forth with Prosecutor Larry Crouch when he asked her how Dave Hawk felt about his ex-wife Debbie.

Larry Crouch: "Did he ever verbalize to you at all that he hated the woman? You said 'Absolutely' in a police interview."

Mary Royer: "I said "hated" wasn't the word."

Larry Crouch: "How did he verbalize his dislike for his ex-wife, Debbie Hawk?"

Mary Royer: "He told me that these events were not going to stop until she is dead."

Dave Hawk's attorney said the words were overdramatized in court.

Mark Coleman, Dave Hawk's Attorney: "I don't view it as particularly dramatic people go thru divorces they make statements that maybe sometimes they shouldn't have but everybody at one time or another has said something about the ex that is just expected I don't view it as motive for murder."

Debbie Hawk's parents along with other family sat in the front two rows during the hearing. Her father, Bud Triantis, was the first person to take the witness stand.

In his short testimony he said Debbie would do anything for her kids. He said the last time he talked to Debbie was at around 9:30pm, the night she went missing. Debbie Hawk disappeared on June 12, 2006. Her body has never been found.

Dave Hawk's attorney says he has seen no physical evidence that shows Dave murdered Debbie.

Mark Coleman: "None of the evidence we have so far ties Dave to the murder of Debbie Hawk

Dave hawk's father testified he and his wife put up to $100-thousand dollars in each of his grandchildren's trust funds. Trust funds, prosecutors say Dave Hawk stole more than $300-thousand dollars from.

Prosecutors say Dave Hawk wanted to get rid of his ex-wife after she insisted he pay back the money he took from the accounts.

Dave and Debbie Hawk's son was sitting in the audience with Debbie's family during the hearing.


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