Fresno State Classes Begin Monday

8/24/2008 Fresno, CA Many of the freshmen spent Sunday making final preparations and new friends.

It looked like fun in the sun, but a game of water balloon volleyball actually marked the beginning of the college experience for many Fresno State Freshmen. "I came here; I didn't know a lot of people. So I'm excited to meet more friends. High school was fun, I love my friends back home but I want to keep meeting more people," said freshman Nick Jarero.

The "color games" are organized by the school's resident directors, who are hoping to inspire a sense of camaraderie among on-campus residents. "They're in the halls all day so they get to their floor, in their wing very well. But the hope here is that they get to learn people from other buildings and have fun and be a little competitive," said resident director Michael Roehlk.

Across campus, other students stopped by the Kennel bookstore -- looking for the textbooks needed for the upcoming semester. "I have to actually buy it now and spend money on it. Totally different from high school," said Freshman Jason Lin. Lin is new to the textbook buying experience, and this year there is another choice besides buying new or used. The bookstore now has three titles available to rent at a savings of 60 to 65 percent.

For many of the freshmen, Monday marks the beginning of a new adventure. "I'm meeting new people and I have a new and great opportunity," said Freshman Evangelina Villalpando.

But seniors like Kelly Martens are anxious, too. For her, Monday marks the beginning of the end." A little stressed because it's going to be a busy year but excited to be done," said Martens.

While a record number of students are entering Fresno state this fall, the number of new faculty members is down this year. There are 43 new faculty members this year, 20 fewer than last year. Administrators say that's because they're expecting reductions in state funding.


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