Local Reaction to Wall Street Bailout and McCain debate back-out

Fresno, CA In an exclusive Action News Poll conducted by Survey USA ... Half of those surveyed nationwide said Friday's presidential debate should be held as scheduled. 36-percent said the debate should still be held, but the focus should be on the economy instead of Foreign affairs. Only ten percent shard McCain's view that's the debate should be postponed.

Political Science Professor Jeffrey Cummins of Fresno State believes John McCain's effort to put off the debate and suspend the campaign is a political move.

Cummins says, "It just goes back to McCain recognizing that the economy is going to be Obama's issue. So I think that maybe frightened McCain into thinking he needed to outflank Obama and do something better."

Republican Congressman George Radanovich supports McCain's call for a break in the campaign. Reached by phone in Washington D.C he told us," I'm all in favor of suspending them for a week if need be in order for everybody to hunker down and nail, whatever this plan is out." But, our Exclusive Action News Poll conducted by Survey USA shows only 14 per cent of those surveyed want the presidential campaign to be suspended. 31 per cent want it to continue. And 48 per cent want the candidates to re-focus the debate on Wall Street. Radanovich says sentiment appears to be against the bailout. "Almost two to one I think every constituent that's called into my office has said don't do this thing, it's a Wall Street bailout." He said.

Radanovich says also he's not sold on the plan yet. And, despite his televised appeal on Wednesday night, the President's quest for public support may not have enough impact. Economist Henry Nishimoto supports a bailout, but believes the President isn't the best salesman. He says, "It is hard to listen to solutions from people that frankly assisted in creating the problem."

But Nishimoto feels despite the Presidents unpopularity, the bailout in some form needs to happen.

He says," There's a lot at stake here we've got to make this work, if we can stabilize the financial industry then we can stave off a lot of other foreclosures."

The presidential debate is still set for Friday. The topic was to be foreign policy, but right now it seems the people want to hear about the economy, the bailout, and they want to hear from both candidates. Cummins says McCain could be making a mistake if he doesn't appear. "I think if he doesn't show up for the debate it will hurt him. I think the image of Obama up there by himself makes it seem like John McCain doesn't want to have the showdown."

McCain has said he won't debate if the deal isn't done by Friday. Congressional leaders say they may have a deal by today, Thursday.


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