Fresno Teen Stabbed to Death at a Park

Fresno, CA, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Someone stabbed George Castillero Monday afternoon. The Fresno High Sophomore died later at the hospital.

Investigators are still trying to track down at least one suspect right now. You can see the corner where the victim ran to before collapsing. It's dimly lit with candles. A sad reminder of the tragedy.

Georges mother Bobby Rodriguez said, "They took my son, they took my best friend, they just took him away from me and that's not right."

Bobby Rodriguez says her 15 year old son George Castillero was a good kid with a big heart.

She has one question for his killer.

Bobby Rodriguez said, "That's my question to the guy that stabbed him, who whatever stabbed why? What did my son know him? What did my son do to him? Why cause he was better than them, why? Why, that's my question, why?"

Monday night friends held each other close. In this neighborhood George was a popular kid. Well known and well liked.

Raymond Mendoza has been a close friend for six years.

Raymond Mendoza said, "I just started crying. I heard about this when I was at school. I just skipped football practice. I just came straight over here."

Fresno police say a verbal dispute became physical just after noon. That's when Castillero was stabbed. He ran to the corner, toward a bike before falling to the pavement.

His mother says George died at the park that was like a second home to him.

Rodriguez said, "Him playing basketball and baseball. Those were his favorite sports. That's all that he did at the park was play sports."

This woman does not want to be identified. She says George died sticking up for his girlfriend who was being insulted by the suspects.

"He was protecting my daughter and I'm really terrified of the gang members retaliating and going after my daughters."

Neighbors say in recent months, gangs have taken over the park.

Jungle gyms have been abandoned and they say park benches have been taken over by gang members looking to intimidate and dominate the neighborhood.

Witnesses say the suspect got away from here on a bike. Police say they are still looking for the murder weapon.

Family members are planning several car washes to pay for funeral costs. They will work to arrange that Tuesday.


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