Madera's I-5 Childcare Center Re-Opened

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For some 700 low-income families who rely on I-5 it hasn't been easy. Parents like Daisy Pavia say finding somebody to care for her daughter was next to impossible. Parent Daisy Pavia said: "It was hard. I had to miss a lot of school. I didn't have anybody to take care of her. If I did, they changed their minds."

It has also been tough for the 200 employees of the state funded daycare centers who took to the streets hoping to keep them open. Their last paycheck was August 29th and unemployment was slow in coming.

Madera Supervisor Norma Cuevas said: "That really jeopardized their bills and stability so right now their behind on their bills." At the Selma I-5 where children are napping peacefully after weeks of uncertainty, Assistant Teacher Lisa Delgado says making her dollars stretch was just one of her concerns.

Teacher Lisa Delgado said: "Financially it was hard. It was also hard to swallow not knowing where the children were going to be place, where they were going to be dropped off who was going to take care of them."

Now that the children are back in daycare. Both the parents and teachers are hoping that Sacramento will take some kind of action. So, something like this never happens again in Madera.


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