Improve Visibility

10/18/2008 Consumer Watch Behind the wheel, an obstructed view increases your risk of an accident. Consumer Reports' David Champion says a few key moves can make a really big difference.

"When driving a car, visibility is really important to you, forward visibility especially. We see a lot of people with these hanging off their rear-view mirror. It all blocks visibility. They may be cute, but they obstruct your view. Your door mirrors should be set so you can just see the outside of the vehicle. If you've been carrying people in the car, you might have the head restraints up. But if there's nobody in the car - drop them down. It will give you an unobstructed view to the rear," says Champion.

And go ahead and fold down the third-row seats.

Vehicle blind spots are responsible for about 450-thousand accidents a year. Consumer Reports just tested aftermarket backup cameras; these are particularly worth getting if you have a large truck or SUV.

Any steps you take to improve visibility in your car will make you safer on the road.


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