Down But Not Out: Prop 8 Opposers Rally

Fresno, CA, USA California's gay rights leaders admitted defeat Thursday -- over proposition 8 -- but that doesn't mean their fight to legalize same-sex marriage has ended.

Close to 100 Valley residents are expected to attend a "No on 8" rally Thursday, despite the ballot measure passing two days ago. Local activists are looking for new ways to energize their cause and legalize same-sex marriage.

Hundreds of proposition 8 opponents flooded the streets of Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. The group gathered outside a Mormon temple to protest the church's financial support of the "Yes on 8" campaign. Prop 8 received 52% of the California vote on Tuesday amending the state constitution to limit marriage to man and woman only.

"Part of the yes vote was really out of fear and out of ignorance," said Vickie Healy.

Fresno pastor Vickie Healy opened her doors Thursday night at Wesley United Methodist church to host a rally against the passage of prop 8.

"Some of it is wanting to get together because there is that let down of working so hard for something and it didn't work out the way that so many had hoped," said Healy.

Already three lawsuits have been filed against the state to keep same-sex marriage legal. Since June close to 18,000 same-sex couples were able to marry after the state superior court changed the law.

During a teleconference this morning prop 8 supporter Jim Franklin congratulated fellow pastors across the state for leading the charge to pass the ballot measure.

"We have sent a message across the united states that California is no longer defined by San Francisco values. We overrode the courts here. The people rose up and said 'No. This is what we want.' And we've added it to our state constitution," said Franklin.

Both sides of Prop 8 are not surprised another legal battle would follow the outcome of Tuesday's election. Merced County is still performing same-sex marriages. It's the only one continuing to do so in the Valley.


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