Sayre Fire road closures

11/14/2008 SYLMAR, Calif. ROAD CLOSURES:

The 210 Freeway has been closed in both directions between the 118 and the 5 freeways.

The 210 Hubbard Ave. on- and off-ramps are closed

The 210 Osborne St. on- and off-ramps are closed

I-5 Freeway closed southbound at 126

14 shut soutbound at San Fernando

Northbound 5 Freeway closed at the 118

Northbound 405 Freeway closed at 118

SURFACE STREET CLOSURES: Northbound from each of the following intersections:

Bledsoe Street and Foothill Boulevard;

Filbert Street and Foothill Boulevard;

Rinaldi Street and Woodley Avenue;

Balboa Boulevard and San Fernando Street;

Hubbard Street and Eldridge Avenue;

Eldridge Avenue and Sayre Street;

Shablow Avenue and Gavina Avenue;

Gavina Avenue and Hubbard Street;

Foothill Boulevard and Osborne Street;

Rinaldi Street and Balboa Boulevard;

Foothill (210) Freeway northbound off-ramp at Osborne Street; and

Osborne Street north of Foothill Boulevard.
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