New Fresno Police Training Facility Approved

Fresno, CA, USA The cramped training rooms at Fresno Police Department Headquarters are outdated and insufficient for the hundreds of officers that must get trained each year.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "There is no such training facility between Sacramento and Los Angeles. This actually puts Fresno on the map as a model training agency in California."

After much debate, the council approved the project 5 to 2. Jerry Duncan and Henry T Perea voted no.

Jerry Duncan said, "I'm not concerned we don't have a clear need for this. I just don't think it's worth the risk of committing to this type of an expenditure right now in a level of uncertainty that I've never seen before, ever."

Police officials say even though the project is a 15 million dollar investment, it will immediately save more than 405 thousand dollars a year and will generate continuous revenue when other police agencies essentially rent the facility.

The police chief says there is no better time to build than in the current market. "We know that with the price of oil down, that the price of asphalt is significantly down and a large percentage of our training center is asphalt."

The 76 acre facility off Central and Hayes will provide a range, classrooms and driving course for officers to acquire new skills and practice technique. It is expected to be complete late next year.


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