Valley Family Heads to Washington D.C.

Fresno, CA, USA Valley residents are taking part in Obama's inaugural celebration. One family didn't leave until today!

Action News spoke to several people today who are either in Washington D.C. or on their way. They want to see Obama's inauguration in person because they say it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. They told us this is a time to witness history and teach the younger generation about the importance of tomorrow's monumental event.

Less than 24 hours before Barack Obama is officially sworn in, a Friant family of seven is heading to Washington see it all unfold.

"I wanted all of them to experience this moment in history and I thought that was going to be something they remember for the rest of their lives," said Margarett Wilkins.

Margarett Wilkins and her husband Michael have been teaching their kids, ages one through 11, about Obama from the very start.

"I'm really excited. I wanna see the inauguration happening. Plus, we're also going to do things like go the Smithsonian and union station, so I'm excited about those things," said 11-year-old Morgan Baly.

"It's the first African American president," said 5-year-old Samantha Schulte.

This family will arrive just in the nick of time.

Other locals we spoke to are already in D.C. taking part in all of the excitement surrounding Tuesday's Inauguration. People like Gail Gaston of Fresno who sent us these photos taken Sunday at the nation's capital.

"We went to the concert in the afternoon and there had to have been a half a million people there and the excitement and the hope that's going on here is just fabulous and its history," said Gail Gaston of Fresno on a phone interview with Action News.

Others, like 16-year old Yesenia Sosa said the trip to Washington has been inspiring especially for a high school student from Firebaugh who was hand chosen to go with the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference. "Anything can happen if you really put your mind to it. Like I really wanted this and my grades and my academics and how involved I was. I really wanted to go somewhere other than that little town and I did it."

Two-million people are expected at tomorrow's inauguration. Only ten-percent of those people have tickets to see the event up-close and personal.

Only a few of the people I spoke to actually have tickets to the Inauguration. Everyone said despite the crowds, things are very well-organized; and yes, it is very cold.


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