With seven kids and a full-time job, Kathy Williams is a busy mom. Kathy has been to the emergency room nearly 20 times for her children's various illnesses, a place she doesn't have time for. Telemedicine is saving her time and sanity. Today her son Javon is seeing the doctor, online.

Dr. Kenneth McConnochie said telemedicine significantly reduced visits to the ER.

Tele-med assistants gather information, take pictures and even record lung sounds of sick kids at selected day care centers and schools. It's all sent online to a doctor in the city. Serious illnesses may still require an in-person visit or trip to the office or ER. Telemedicine works for conditions like ear infections, skin rashes, sore throats and colds.

For parents, fewer trips to the ER mean fewer missed days of work. Researchers also said after the program started, absence from day care centers due to illness dropped more than 60%.

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