California Pay Delay

California News There are thousands of other Californians who aren't state employees but who receive money from the state.

Amanda Benedict is not looking forward to February. The Encinitas attorney likes the month just fine. She's just not going to get paid.

What happened? The state of California doesn't have enough money to pay people like Benedict. The state usually pays her to represent people who can't afford attorneys. But not next month.

The legislature hasn't balanced its budget so it will delay paying Benedict for 30-days. In fact there are thousands of private workers usually paid by the state from health care to people who deliver food to prisons who will have to wait for their money.

And here's the stinker: if the state doesn't have the budget solved by the end of next month Benedict's pay can be delayed another 30-days. After that it could even issue her an I.O.U.

So as Benedict looks for ways to make ends meet the next 30 to 60-days she'll work for free for her clients and work overtime for herself.


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