Embattled Environmental Activist Resigns Board Position

Fresno, CA, USA The environmentalist responsible for the remarks has resigned as a board member of the California Water Impact Network. Lloyd Carter did not wish to appear on camera but says he is not a racist. Carter says he misspoke and continues to very apologetic.

His comments brought together farm workers from rural communities and political leaders in front of City Hall. Yammilette Rodriguez of the Latino Issues Forum said "Please hear their voice. Their voice is very important Lloyd Carter of the California Water impact network presented environmental concerns at a water policy debate at Fresno State on Wednesday.

During a TV interview Carter said, "What parent raises their child to become a farm worker? These kids, they're the least educated people in America or in the southwest corner of this valley. They turn to lives of crime. They go on welfare. They get into drug trafficking and they join gangs."

Congressman Devin Nunes said, "What the radical environmentalists say is despicable but this is nothing new. This is what they've always believed."

Assemblyman Juan Arambula added "Our folks deserve better than that. I hope that our friends and allies in the environmental community will see this as an opportunity to step forward."

Carter has apologized and said it was never his intention to offend anyone. But Paul H. Garcia is calling for a harsh penalty. Garcia said "Not only the apology but i think he needs to be terminated if he has not resigned." Carter works as a Deputy Attorney General for the state office of the Attorney General. A state official said his job is not in jeopardy.

Scott Gerber of the Attorney General's office said "The Attorney General strongly disagrees with Mr, Carter's comments. Mr. Carter was not speaking on behalf of the department and his comments do not reflect the Department of Justice."


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