Reaction from Levy's Home Town

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Her disappearance in 2001 launched a massive search and led to the downfall of a California congressman.. Now, nearly eight years after Chandra Levy went missing investigators are ready to arrest her alleged killer ... Ingmar Guandique.

U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor said, "We believe Ms Levy was a random victim of Guandique ... killed her while she walked her dog in 2001."

D.C. authorities had long suspected Guandique and questioned him back in 2002. The Salvadorian immigrant is currently serving a federal prison sentence for assaulting two female joggers in Washington D.C.'s Rock Creek Park. The same park where Levy's bones were discovered ... A year after she vanished.

" ... Went missing in 2001 - looked to those who would have had conduct with her at time, friends," said U.S. Attorney Taylor.

One of those acquaintances was former Congressman Gary Condit. He met Levy while she was an intern on Capitol Hill. The two were rumored to have had an extramarital affair-- which was blamed for his re-election defeat. But Condit was never a suspect in her murder ... And the case went cold ... For years. Thursday, investigators said Levy's case was one of several that recently were given a second look. New witnesses and advances in forensic technology led them to a suspect. Authorities are hoping to charge Guandique with first degree murder within the next two months.

Washington, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said, "There's very little I can do or anyone else can do for the Levy's other than to offer them justice."


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