Tulare Pot Grower

Fresno, CA Richard Daleman limeymacaws@yahoo.com is a medical marijuana user. He is authorized by the state of California to have pot, and a lot of it, for medicinal purposes.

"I was entitled because my prescription is for six pounds of processed material for my use, I'm allowed that plus 90 pounds of marijuana, or 90 plants." He said.

He gets that much because he doesn't smoke pot, he processes it into hashish, oils and ointments to treat what ails him, and it takes a lot of pot to make a little medicine.

"It's the way I want to use it. "

But the Tulare County Sheriff's Office thought Daleman had so much pot on his property, he must be selling it. He was arrested last December, held in jail for 3 months until a jury found him not guilty on all counts.

Then, when he tried to get his pot back, the Sheriff's Department said they'd only give him six of the 12 pounds they took.

He went back to court and last week, a the judge ruled he could have it all.

Noted Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney William McPike said it's a key ruling.

"It's a huge victory for the Valley. The judge followed the law. He really had no choice. McPike said.

McPike was not involved in Daleman's case but he believes the ruling in Daleman's case could make it easier for other medical marijuana users to get their seized pot back from local law enforcement agencies.

Right now, Daleman is making arrangements to pick up his pot. He bought a new scale to make sure he gets it all.

Then, he plans to turn the tables and take Tulare County to court.

"Sue 'em. I want to get my stuff back first. It's one day at a time. One step at a time." He said.

Daleman claims he suffered health and financial setbacks while in jail and plans to seek compensation.

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