Clerk Kills Fresno Robbery Suspect

FRESNO, Calif. It happened Sunday night at Maple and Tulare in Southeast Fresno.

The crime and confrontation here came the same day East Indian business owners met to discuss whether criminals are targeting their culture. They say they feel like they have a bulls-eye on their backs.

Sunday night police say two men went to the U-Save Liquor Store in Southeast Fresno and demanded money. One of the robbers had a gun. Police say the clerk shot and killed him, while the second robber ran away. Neighbors say the liquor store owner is East Indian.

The shooting happened on the same day East Indian business owners met to talk about an increase in crime among their culture. About 75 business owners and concerned citizens gathered Sunday to share their concerns.

They say there have been several robberies at Indian owned businesses over the past few months, including one last Tuesday where two men got away with more than $300,000 dollars in gold jewelry. Surveillance video shows a man using a cinderblock to break through the glass window of KH Jewelers. As one suspect steals trays full of jewelry, another forces Mahmood Shahid, his wife, and their four children into the back room and hold them there at gunpoint.

While Fresno's Police Chief Jerry Dyer says he is aware of the recent robberies. There's no reason to believe it's becoming a trend in the Indian community. "We've done some research in terms of the crimes that have occurred and actually the numbers of crimes are minimal. But what has prompted this is the status of the crime that happened last week."

Police have made no arrests in last week's jewelry robbery and its owner has decided to keep the store closed.

Indian business owners say they plan on holding more meetings over the next several weeks.

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