Dave Hawk Sentenced to Life without Parole for Ex-Wife's Murder

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Her body has never been found. Cameras were not allowed in court. Several people gave emotional statements at Friday's sentencing, including two of Dave and Debbie Hawk's children.

While Dave Hawk's daughter, Chelsa showed support for her father, his son, Conrad used harsh words to describe how he feels about his mother's convicted killer.

People who knew Dave and Debbie Hawk exited the Kings County Courthouse Friday. Some, relieved the case is finally over. Others, who say they still believe there's a killer on the loose.

Debbie Hawk's sister Diane Triantis said, "We all need to move on with our lives. All of us. And that's what I intend to do. That's what I want my family to do and the children. Whatever happens to Dave Hawk from this day forward, I really don't care."

Dave Hawk's former pastor Sandy Brown said, "At this point, no one is looking anymore. They think they found the perpetrator of this crime, and they have not. And so we'll probably never know really who is responsible for Debbie Hawk's disappearance."

Perhaps the most emotional statements came from inside the courtroom. Dave and Debbie hawk's son, Conrad said quote, "He couldn't have just shot, stabbed or poisoned her and left her body for us to dispose of. Instead he made her sickeningly disappear, as though she were not worthy of anything more."

In contrast, Hawk's daughter Chelsa said, "I know my father better than anyone and I know he did not commit this crime. My dad is innocent and I love him."

The case has divided the children as well as others who knew Dave and Debbie Hawk. It's a scenario both sides say is tragic.

Defense attorney Mark Coleman said, "Dave was disappointed that the impact statements weren't about Debbie. They were about attacking him in front of his kids from other family members."

Dave Hawk's defense attorney say he will file an appeal.

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