Mr. Food: Holiday Decorating Made Easy

Mr. Food Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

This easy, one-step centerpiece makes you look like a holiday decorating pro in no time:

Simply fill a large glass bowl three-quarters full with one type of fresh fruit. Try this with lemons, limes, pomegranates, apples, pears – or even an assortment of colorful fruit. Place it anywhere in your home to add a festive holiday touch.

Fruit and Pine Cone Wreath

This is a quick-to-make decoration that adds a colorful and imaginative touch to your table:
  • Cut plastic wrap to about the size you want for your finished wreath and place it where you're building your centerpiece on the table, to protect the table surface.
  • Place your party punch bowl, another type of serving platter, one or more tall candles (in holders), or a large glass bowl of fruit (described above) in the center of the plastic so you can decorate around it.
  • Lay the largest fruits and pine cones on the plastic piece, distributing them evenly around the center by size and color. Add smaller fruits next then fill in with an assortment of greens, berries, and nuts.
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