Christmas Comes Early For One Fresno Veteran

FRESNO, Calif. Christmas arrived early for Joseph Enos. For 33 years he has prayed to find and meet his son ... two weeks before Christmas his prayers were answered. "I hope some day some other fathers can be in my situation right now. I'm tickled pink. I'm glowing," he said.

When Enos was 18 he joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam War. Once there he met a young woman but before their romance could truly blossom enos was sent back to America. When he arrived home he receives word that his girlfriend was pregnant.

Enos: "She contacted me through a letter about two months later."

Enos and his parents sent money to help his son and stayed in touch for several years before he suddenly lost contact. Red Cross tried to help but could not track down his son.

Ten years ago someone contacted Joseph Enos claiming to be his son. After a series of questions this former Marine corps Sergeant realized someone was playing on his emotions and trying to take him for his money.

February Enos received a call from a man named Joseph Villa.

Enos: "First thing out of his mouth was ... 'Joseph Enos?' -Yes. 'Father?'

"All of my life I've wanted to see my real father," said Villa.

Villa located his father through the internet. Friday they both met in San Francisco for the first time.

Enos: "I'm very happy with what's happened. I'm very proud of him finding me."

They are both waiting for a D.N.A. test to confirm their family connection but both are certain they are spending their first Christmas together as father and son.

Enos: "I know he's my son because because we have the same birthmark and so do all my other children have the same birth mark."

Villa: "He's my father. In my heart I feel that he is my father."

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