Puppies Abandoned in a Selma Dumpster

FRESNO, Calif. Fortunately their cries for help were heard. Eleven cute border collie-husky mix puppies are the picture of contentment. They're being cared for by the Animal Compassion Team in Squaw Valley.

Amanda Allen of the Animal Compassion Team said, "We're able to save these eleven and we're able save that one that needed us."

Their whimpering saved their lives.

On Monday the puppies were brought to the Selma Police Department by a man who said he stepped outside the La Abeula Laundromat and heard cries coming from a nearby alley. He noticed a dumpster, flipped the lid and discovered eleven puppies in a heap of trash.

Selma Police Sgt. Terry Reid said, "My guess most likely would be the economic times, not being able to care for the animals so I guess they thought this was a solution."

A very poor solution though. Allen explained, "There's just really no need to abandon your animals in the wilderness or in dumpsters when there's shelters that are open 24 hours in order to take them."

Not only was it cruel, Sgt. Reid says it was a crime. Reid said, "A misdemeanor crime and that's punishable by a fine or imprisonment."

At this point the four-week old puppies are itching to find a new home. But right now the nine boys and two girls are just trying to get some rest. You can adopt them from the Animal Compassion Team for a $150-dollar fee.

Allen said, "They will be up for adoption in 3-4 weeks. They'll be spayed and neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and ready to go."

Allen said the incident illustrates why pets should be spayed and neutered. She added, "This could have been prevented. This is an unwanted litter that could have been prevented."

The Animal Compassion Team is a no-kill rescue group which cares for dogs, cats, goats and even horses.

Their number is (559) 272-8696.


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