Fresno Man Hit by Car in Critical Condition

FRESNO, Calif. Police say the man tried to cross Belmont at Fresno St. in Central Fresno, but he did it against the stoplight and outside the crosswalk.

The car that hit him was only going about 30 miles per hour. A few pieces of his clothing and a sneaker were still on the scene hours after the crash.

Investigators are reconstructing the accident. They don't know much about the victim, but they have some suspicions about why he put himself in such a dangerous spot.

"We have an old address on him, but it's quite old so we don't know if he still lives there and he could be a transient. It also appears he had been drinking," said Lt. Gregg Sanders with the Fresno Police Department.

The driver who hit him stayed on the scene and was not ticketed.

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