World Ag Expo Expects Over 100,000 Visitors

Tulare, California

From washing ... to painting ... and polishing ... Exhibitors at the 2010 World Ag Expo spent the day beautifying their equipment for this week's big show.

John Mansavage with BouMatic said, "It will be the start of that sales process, our opportunity to show new products and let dairy operators know we are on the front edge of dairy technology.

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BouMatic is hoping dairy farmers spark an interest in their new touch-screen operating software for dairy machinery. The touch screen is so durable it can withstand power washing ... and farmers can access the status of their cows or any operating failures just by logging onto a website and checking into the system.

"We're excited about that, it's first for the industry," said Mansavage.

World Ag Expo officials have made several additions to this year's show. A New Career and Education Center provides information on job openings and education opportunities in the Ag industry. Officials have also unveiled a brand new Seminar Center ... where 60 different workshops and lectures will be held. Ag show organizers say despite a drop in vendors, there is still a large presence of exhibitors this year.

W.A.E. Chairman Bernie Cargle said, "We are about almost sold out I believe we are less than 2% than we were last year to begin the year."

While companies come from around the world to show off their equipment ... a local man from Terra Bella is getting high honors. His 180-Degree Forklift Inverter which turns produce bins upside down ... is one of the top ten new Ag products this year.

Darrel Scheiler said, "We're relatively unknown and we got a lot of publicity out of this it's really helped us a lot."

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