Fresno Suicide Being Reviewed by Grand Jury

FRESNO, Calif.                   |   Watch Video Above for Extended Coverage   |

In May 2008, 21-year-old Joy Littlejohn was found dead in Southeast Fresno with a gunshot wound to the head.

The Coroner's Office ruled her death a suicide. Now a Fresno County Grand Jury is questioning discrepancies in Coroner and Sheriff's investigative reports.

The panel is also asking for answers to missing lab results and unexplained crime scene photos.

Fresno County Coroner David Hadden says reports are subject to change. "Our report it the initial report. We put down what we know at that given moment....the way an investigation proceeds," said Hadden.

Hadden says until the Coroner's Office is presented with new evidence he will not change the cause of death.

The Grand Jury has no power to make changes, but often spurs debate and change with its reports.

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