Jeremy Renner: From Modesto to the Oscars

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He grew up in Modesto and took his first acting class at the junior college there. Renner still has family and friends in Modesto, and he credits two acting teachers there with helping him get his start in show business.

Those closest to the 39-year-old say they couldn't be more happy or proud.

Renner's sister Nicky Emens said, "For the Oscars, that's just something where he's been nominated against all these other huge people, Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, and to see him up there with all those actors is a bit surreal, exciting, we're all very proud, but it's a little shocking."

Former acting teacher Charline Freedman said, "I'm just thrilled for him because he's worked for it, he's earned it. He's stayed well grounded, and I love the kid to pieces."

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