Jeff Rancour Blames Phillip Woodley, Defense Calls Him Untruthful

FRESNO, Calif.

Jeff Rancour's testimony was the first time family members heard any account of what happened inside the Tarpey Village house back in 2005. Many of them cried in court. But the defense claims they're crying at a tall tale.

Rancour wore a yellow prison jumpsuit, handcuffs and leg cuffs as he gave his version of the murders of Roy and Angie Woodley.

Action News was not allowed to show you how he looks now because he's serving an 18-year sentence for his role in the deaths.

Prosecutors believe his words are the strongest evidence tying Phillip Woodley to the murders of his father and stepmother.

Rancour testified that Woodley was having a simple conversation with his father when he interrupted it violently.

"Just kind of out of nowhere, he just tells them to get on the ground," Rancour told the court.

"What was their reaction?" asked prosecutor Burton Francis.

"They didn't believe him at first," Rancour testified. "His stepmom kind of laughed and was like, "What?" and then he used a more forceful voice and told them to get on the ground."

Rancour says he didn't see Woodley kill his stepmother in the bedroom, but he did see Phillip stab his own father several times. But Rancour says Roy Woodley wasn't quite dead.

"I looked into the living room and his father was standing up and Sonny (Phillip Woodley) had come around and started stabbing him again," Rancour testified.

Rancour admits he took part in the crime by helping to tie up Roy Woodley and then selling off things they took from the house, including the elder Woodley's truck.

But the defense has implied that his role was much bigger and that his testimony is hard to believe since his story has changed a few times and he's already in prison for the crime.

Woodley told detectives he barely knew Rancour, but Rancour says Woodley was one of his closest friends at the time of the murders.

The defense will cross examine Rancour on Monday.

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