Pricey Pillows

FRESNO, Calif. "I have no idea." "I'm looking for flat pillows." "I like a pillow that's soft but not too soft that your head falls in."

That said, consumer reports asked dozens of panelists to go to sleep on the job, trying out the same type of pillow they normally sleep on, feather-down, polyester, or memory-foam.

"Each person took home an expensive and an inexpensive pillow, not knowing which was which. And then we asked them to sleep on them for five consecutive nights," Adam Kaplan said.

The feather-down face off, this $100 Bed, Bath And Beyond pillow and a $30 one from JC Penney. The polysester pillow showdown, an $81 Company Store pillow pitted against a $10 dollar K-Mart pillow.

And the memory foam pillow match-up: this $99 dollar Tempur-Pedic one versus this $35 Target pillow.

So how did the pillows stack up with the panelists? "The first one was too firm." "One was noticeably more comfortable." "I didn't notice any difference between the two. They were both comfortable."

"It turns out for the polyester and feather-down pillows, most staffers did find the more expensive pillows more comfortable," Kaplan said.

But when it came to memory-foam pillows, panelists judged both pillows to have about the same level of comfort.

So you could save $64 by getting the $35 memory foam pillow from Target. Savings that just might help you sleep better at night.

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