Roe could be in trouble

April 9, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
Police were on high alert Friday night at a popular Fresno nightclub. This, after a shooting left two people seriously hurt early this morning.

It happened at the "Roe" restaurant and nightclub on palm and Nees in northwest Fresno.

This isn't the first time the nightclub is in trouble and Friday night City Councilman Andreas Borgeas says the late night hang out could be in trouble.

"This is intolerable. It is shocking. The problems that we had over there. They want assurances that this won't happen again," Fresno City Councilman Andreas Borgeas said.

Borgeas explains the reaction of his residents living in district two following an early morning shooting Friday at the "Roe" restaurant and nightclub.

Fresno police say two men were shot in the parking lot by a vehicle passing by. Detectives say the two had ties to Southeast Asian gangs and were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Thursday night was promoted as "Asian night" and Dyer says holding special events targeted towards one ethnicity leaves the door open for trouble to walk in.

"In this case there were a lot of gang members at this establishment and when you have that king of clientele inside mixed with alcohol there's a potential for a disturbance and ultimately a shooting and that's what we had last night," Chief Dyer said.

"Roe" has seen its fair share of problems. Last November a fight between a group of men at the nightclub resulted in a stabbing of a man by a gang in the parking lot.

Police say he tried to get away but crashed his car in northwest Fresno where the group proceeded to beat him up. And in 2008 the alcoholic beverage control tried to suspend the club owner's license due to reports of numerous violent incidents.

Councilman Borgeas says he has not spoken to the club's owner Nick Tarjoman about this latest incident. But he assures residents within his district that talks will be in the works.

"This area has become more susceptible to the kind of activity in the last year and it needs to be addressed," Borgeas said.

The investigation is still ongoing and Chief Dyer says for now the club will continue to stay open with the added presence of his officers tonight.