Merced Man Foils Beer Run, Goes for Wild Ride

FRESNO, Calif.                   |   Watch Video Above for Extended Coverage   |

Surveillance cameras were rolling as a suspect ran out of a Stevinson market with two 12 packs of beer.

Investigators with the Merced County Sheriff's Department say a good samaritan saw the suspect jump into an SUV, and then tried to stop him and several other suspects from leaving.

When the vehicle took off, the witness jumped on to the roof, and grabbed onto a railing as the SUV sped off.

The samaritan's father followed the vehicle and eventually got it to slow down so his son could jump off.

Investigators say the suspects tossed the beer out of the window while the witness was on the roof.

After running a couple of stop signs, the chase ended in Livingston. Six Merced men were arrested--charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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