Parkside Bulldog Gang Bust, Guns and Drugs Seized

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For six days straight, Fresno Police Lieutenant Mike Doyle has patrolled the city, looking for anyone and anything gang related.

"We have one focus, and that's hitting gangs and gang locations," said Doyle.

After a deadly weekend, which included three murders, Police Chief Jerry Dyer unveiled a new plan to crack down on gang violence.

Since Sunday night, police say the operation has netted 211 arrests, 88 of which are felonies, and seven weapons.

Investigators found three of those weapons at a home in East Central Fresno Friday.

"HEAT" ... Fresno County's Help Eliminate Auto Theft Team served a search warrant as part of a stolen car investigation.

In addition to the guns, investigators found an active chop shop, more than 15-pounds of marijuana, and a pipe bomb.

They also arrested five validated Parkside Bulldog gang members who were plotting a drive-by shooting within the next few days.

Tim Tietjen said, "The text messages were showing that these subjects were planning and going out to do a drive by shooting. They were trying to find weapons to be able to do that."

Police have visited this property before. In 1991, two girls were gang raped at a party there, and then murdered in a nearby field by Bulldog gang members.

The case prompted Fresno Police to take a stronger stance against gangs, one that hasn't stopped since.

"Right now what we're trying to do is nip this thing in the bud," said Doyle.

Police say they are concerned about the impact these recent arrests have on the county jail. However, they tell me that validated gang members are not on the top of the list when it comes to early releases.

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