Habitat for Humanity's ReStore of Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif.

Habitat's "ReStore" is helping people and businesses recycle ... while at the same time, giving to a good cause.

From doors and windows to kitchen cabinets and ceiling fans ... there is a little bit of everything at Habitat for Humanity's "ReStore" ... a retail warehouse that sells new and used donated appliances and building materials.

Tony Miranda said, "It's always kind of a treasure hunt at ReStore. I think that's one of the fun parts that people experience -- you kind of never know what you're going to get."

Thanks to developers, home remodelers, and to people buying and fixing up foreclosed homes ... donations and sales have both increased dramatically since ReStore first opened two years ago.

"As soon as we opened that up, people were making donations. I think they were glad to see that things that were coming out of their house were not just going to landfills," said Miranda.

They've just moved to this much larger space off Clovis Avenue near Shaw ... where Businesses like Fresno Roofing Company drop off tons of materials they can no longer use.

Lorn Thompson said, "I have materials that sit around and they are considered outdated -- or have manufacturers that change names or change the way they package something."

ReStore sells those items at a fraction of their original price ... and the profit helps Habitat continue to build homes for low-income families.

"It's a win, win for everyone. We're hoping. It's nice for us because we're able to discard something and not just feel like we're throwing it away and at the same time. For any contractor it gives you an opportunity to get a tax right-off."

The City of Clovis which allowed ReStore to use its original location free of charge -- says the store's concept fits right in with their recycling efforts. The city is in the process of launching a contest to encourage people to restore or repurpose old items.

Shawn Miller said, "We're getting people to get out there and create, and start thinking about ways they can recycle and at the same time we're getting people to think about what they're throwing away."


Habitat for Humanity's ReStore
Open 7 days a week
1631 Railroad Avenue, Clovis (near Clovis and Shaw, behind Lowe's)

City of Clovis Recycle, Repurpose & Restore contest:
Contest begins now and runs through September 30, 2010
Interested participants can call Orlando Ramirez at (559) 324-2090
or by email at Orlando@cityofclovis.com

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