Bus driver involved in southwest Fresno crash on paid leave

FRESNO, Calif.

The bus driver stopped in a driveway on MLK near Annadale -- Tuesday in southwest Fresno to stop a disturbance among students. She a hit a tree when she tried to back out.

The driver was 30-year-old Shaneka Love. The bus company put her on paid leave and another driver took over her route, but the bosses say she's not in any trouble. Some parents say she should be.

A new bus driver laid down the law on bus 608 Wednesday. We went back to the West Fresno school district to see if there were any repeats of the behavioral issues that distracted a different driver on Tuesday.

Shaneka Love told investigators she was planning to take the kids back to school right before the accident that injured about 20 students. Even the kids admit it can get rowdy on the bus.

Jose Lopez said, "Sometimes in the back, yeah, but she didn't give us any warning, like to sit down or we're going back to school."

Jose Lopez and his mother say the bus driver isn't perfect either. They say Love frequently curses at the kids. But Love's boss at southwest transportation company defended her record.

Kirk Hunter told Action News, quote - "She handled herself very well." - end quote. Love has worked at the bus company for a little more than a year. Hunter says she has no previous incidents, and she has done an exemplary job to this point.

Lopez wasn't hurt but some of his friends suffered minor injuries, and several parents complained that their children were allowed to wander away from the bus and walk home. But Hunter says the driver couldn't control those kids. He says they opened an emergency exit on the side of the bus, jumped out, and walked away.

Love will most likely be allowed to drive a bus again after an internal investigation.

The bus company's policy when kids misbehave is to take them back to school, just as Love said she planned to do.

Administrators with the school district never returned our calls to see if any of the children are being disciplined.

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