New video gives tour of trapped miners' refuge


The men are shirtless, some sitting and others standing, and appear to be sweating. Most are skinny, sport thick and ungroomed facial hair, and show puffiness under their eyes.

The footage, released by Television Nacional de Chile via the Chilean government, also shows some of the men speaking individually into the camera, though the muffled sounds make it difficult to understand.

One man gives a guided tour, showing where the men meet and pray daily. He points out the "little cup to brush our teeth."

"We have everything organized," he says.

At one point, the miners are seen arm-in-arm, singing Chile's national anthem and yelling "Long live Chile, and long live the miners."

The footage was shot with a camera that the government sent down into the mine through a bore-hole used for communications. Another small hole that snakes down to the men's shelter is used for lowering food and a third provides ventilation.

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