Fresno man crashed stolen truck with son inside

FRESNO, Calif.

Police have arrested Ramos several times in the past, mostly on drug charges. He's been released from the county jail twice this year, but officers are hoping he'll stay this time, precisely because his son was in the truck with him.

Ramos may have has been in handcuffs before, but Thursday afternoon, police held him face down on the ground, right in front of his six-year-old son.

Officers say they spotted Ramos in a stolen truck near downtown Fresno. After a short chase, they decided his erratic driving was putting everyone else in danger, so they called off their pursuit.

"He was driving in the wrong side of the lanes," said Fresno police Capt. Randy Dobbins. "He was driving against right of way traffic, speeding. He was doing a lot of dangerous driving behavior."

Police kept track of the truck, though, and saw Ramos wreck it about ten minutes later. The crash injured a mother and her five-year-old daughter. An ambulance took them to the hospital.

"When you're dealing with a certain element of society, they don't have any care for themselves, their children or anybody else out here," Dobbins said.

Police say Ramos also had his six-year-old son along for the wild ride. The boy told Action News he was scared, knowing his dad was in trouble.

"He was driving fast because he wanted to hurry so he could go home faster, so he wouldn't go to jail," said Christopher Rodriguez.

Ramos has a history of drug arrests in Fresno, but he was never charged for his two most recent arrests, in May and July.

Police say he's a validated gang member and was on probation. His sister says he's trying to put his life back together and stealing cars is not on his agenda.

"My brother didn't know at all, period, that that car was hot," said Vanessa Ramos.

Her brother is now facing charges of evading arrest and car theft. Because his son was in the car, he could also be charged with child endangerment, which would probably keep him from being released early.

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