10-Million Fisher-Price products recalled

FRESNO, Calif.

More than a dozen different Fisher-Price products are involved in the recall. All of them potentially put children at risk of injury.

"We are recalling over 10 million Fisher-Price children's products this morning," said Inez Tenenbaum with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall includes nearly one million Fisher-Price high chairs with pegs on the back legs for tray storage. Toddlers have cut themselves on the pegs, 7 needed stitches. The chair names include Healthy Care, Easy Clean, and Close To Me

Also 7-million tricycles including Hot Wheels , Barbie Free Spirit, and Boys Tough Trike. Each has a fake key protruding from the frame. Children have slipped and injured themselves on the key -- six girls needed medical care.

"Things that protrude from a toy in which children can fall and hurt themselves need to be removed from toys so that they don't pose a hazard," said Inez Tenenbaum with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Also recalled, small inflatable balls found on play gyms, and Little People Cars -- the wheels can detach.

Fisher-Price says it knows of 54 reports where little balls fell out of those bigger inflatable balls. In those cases, no injuries have been reported, but 14 parents have found the balls lodged in their child's mouth.

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