Bristol Palin speaks at Visalia fundraiser


Bristol is the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and an unwed teen mother.

Bristol Palin was the special guest at the Tulare/Kings "Right To Life" Annual Fundraiser.

ABC 30's cameras were not allowed inside, but guests told us Palin spoke openly about her teenage pregnancy and the importance of abstinence.

"You only get to see the bad side of Bristol that's coming out in the news and I thought we got to see what she's really like and share about her family," said Katie La Pierre of Lemoore.

Outside, a small group of protesters spoke out against Palin's anti-abortion message.

"We're out here because we don't believe what they promote, they promote abstinence only education I don't believe that it works," said Sara Sanchez of Visalia.

Aside from promoting abstinence, Bristol Palin has been busy as a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars".

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