Weather isn't changing holiday travel

An exclusive survey conducted by Survey USA has found 83 percent of people did not change or cancel their holiday travel plans because of the weather.

Millions of Americans are boarding trains, trains, and automobiles for Christmas.

AAA estimates more than 92 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday, almost three million will fly.

"I think at this point you have to do what is going to keep people safe," Mike Restifo said.

That could mean even slower than usual lines at security checkpoints, after a new terror alert Friday morning about thermos-type insulated beverage containers. And then there's the weather, here at home--and abroad.

The number of flights out of Paris was cut in half by half for several hours after a shortage of de-icing liquid.

Snow and icy weather stranded this couple in Belguim. "Our kids are over there, all the rest of the family are there. But not us this time. Oh well. Merry Christmas. The Christmas that wasn't," Richard and Kathy Broughton said.

And while a system of winter weather in this country may ensure a white Christmas for millions, these Indiana residents were headed to Cancun, Mexico, preferring white sand to white snow. "We're looking forward to it. We need the vacation. We've done it several times before, and we love it, and it's warm and the people are friendly, blue skies."

All of this travel even with the average gallon of gas up over the $3 mark, the highest in about two years and airfares up 7 1/2 percent from last year.

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