Clovis family remembers son who died in accident

FRESNO, Calif.

Clovis Police say Jeffrey Anderson died after he lost control of his truck and hit a pole off of Sierra near Highway 168. Two of his close friends were also seriously hurt in the crash.

Jeffrey's parents are really taking their son's death hard. They are dealing with their grief and trying to comfort the families of the two friends of Jeffrey's that are alive, but have major injuries.

Erica Anderson is holding memories of her son Jeffrey close to her heart.

His death in a car accident early Sunday morning is not the way anyone in the family expected to start their new year. "He was the oldest. He's irreplaceable. I don't know that we will ever be able to compensate for the loss."

Jeffrey's aunt is finding comfort in seeing the impact her nephew had on others. His Facebook page is filled with the lasting impression he left with friends.

Jeffrey's grandfather says his grandson had a passion for drafting and planned to pursue his education to get a civil engineering degree.

The loss has still not fully set in. "My wife and I always said, you know that parents shouldn't bury their children. That's the hardest thing I can think of. It's not a lot better burying a grandchild. We're dealing -- we have a lot of faith," said Jeffrey's Grandfather Dale Briggs.

Jeffrey's younger brother is coping with his grief through tattooing his only sibling's picture on his side. Their mother also got her first tattoo on her foot, as a permanent reminder of her firstborn.

Family members say Jeffrey was on his way home Sunday morning when he wrecked his Chevy truck. They believe weather was a factor since it was raining at the time.

Monday at the accident scene flowers, pictures and spray painted messages mark the tragic spot. Countless friends and family members continuously stopped by all day.

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