Looking ahead at Sunday's Super Bowl Ads

FRESNO, Calif.

Companies spend millions of dollars to grab the audience, and commercial time has been sold out since October.

This year the FOX Television network, which is broadcasting the game, has been asking for nearly $3-million for 30 seconds of ad time to reach 100-million viewers. So advertisers want to make every second count.

Remember the success Betty White had with Snickers? This time Richard Lewis and Roseanne have a series of ads for the candy bar. One of the many superbowl sponsors willing to spend the money.

"Not only do you get great coverage in the game, but now with social media, you get repeat viewing. 45% of the people are going to watch the ads they like on line," said Lucy Farey-Jones with the Venables Bell & Partners Ad Agency.

So Super Bowl ads have legs beyond the big game. And most often humor works.

Younger Americans are now intrigued by Super Bowl. Best buy understands that with the unlikely combination of Justin Beiber and Ozzie Osborne.

Among the big spenders, Doritos's and Pepsi Max teamed up again for the "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge." There were more than 5,000 entries. 6 finalists will air on Sunday.

With the amount of traffic social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are receiving, not all companies are willing to pay the high price FOX is asking. Instead, they are trying to create buzz in other ways. Papa John's offering free pizza to anyone who registers if the game goes into overtime.

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