Ag Report 3/7/2011

FRESNO, Calif.

Pork producers are receiving record-high prices for their hogs, but also paying record high prices for feed. Shoppers are seeing the consequences.

Pork prices are at an all-time high. Economists say the outlook is in balance right now since hog prices can cover feed prices. However, if shoppers stop buying pork or if weather threatens feed crops, pork producers could see financial consequences.

The National Pork Board has been promoting "The other white meat" for 25 years. Now it's turned to a new slogan to boost sales.

The message is "Pork: be inspired".

The board wants a ten percent sales increase by 2014. Americans now eat an average of 50 pounds of pork a year.

California farmers plan to nearly double the amount of cotton they plant this year.

Farmers have more irrigation water available. A federal report says California farmers will plant about 400,000 acres.

The price they earn for cotton is at an all time high. It could mean higher prices for clothing and other cotton products.

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