Clovis church holds blood drive to help member

FRESNO, Calif.

Pugh suffered a massive heart attack in January and has been hospitalized ever since.

Because of complications and multiple surgeries, doctors have had to give Marcia more than 300 pints of blood.

To help replenish the blood his wife has used -- Marcia's husband organized a blood drive.

"She just wishes she could be here to enjoy it. Probably the greatest thing for me in terms of the blood drive part is the 1st time donors. I see those stickers and I just think that is the most wonderful thing, that for my wife, for us, that someone would donate for the 1st time," Jim Pugh said.

Jim says Marcia's condition has stabilized over the past month but she is still hospitalized and having complications.

You can help by donating blood the Central California Blood Center.

Marcia's account number is 173B.

Her blood type is O+, which means she is a universal recipient.

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