Toddler injured in Visalia hit-run; woman sought

FRESNO, Calif.

Children's Hospital is now listing the two-year-old in "good condition." Action News spoke with family members who say the boy's parents have been by his side in Madera. They say he has a broken arm and some serious head injuries, which are still being evaluated by doctors.

Family members say two-year-old Alexander Garcia was riding a scooter when he was struck head-on by an SUV just before noon on Saturday. Police say the family was holding a garage sale and the boy was riding the scooter in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

Sgt. Gary Williams said, "We believe the driver was actually looking for the garage sale and had taken her eyes off the roadway when she struck the two year old that was on the scooter."

Upon seeing the accident, police say the boy's family screamed at the woman to stop. What the driver did next has many neighbors upset.

Sgt. Gary Williams said, "She exited the vehicle and then once she saw what had occurred she then got back into the vehicle and fled the area."

Neighbor, Hialys Sousa said, "I think that seriously it would have been much better to stop and try to help then do what she did, you don't do that."

Now the female driver is facing felony hit and run charges. What's worse is police say she wasn't alone at the time of the crash.

Sgt. Gary Williams said, "She also had two small children in the car with her. She's a Hispanic female we don't have the exact age on her but the children that were with her in the vehicle were very young."

Hialys Sousa says the accident has angered neighbors because many have young children. "There's nothing but kids here we have a lot of kids here like I said, and they always play in the street and something like that happens right in front of our house that's upsetting for us."

The suspect is believed to have worn white shorts at the time. Police say the car is a brand new tan or brown SUV with a white paper license plate with black lettering. It may have some front-end damage. If you have any information you're urged to call police immediately.

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