North Fork opens warming center

FRESNO, Calif.

The mountain communities around Yosemite are the area's most affected.

PG&E restored power to hundreds of residents in North Fork Friday night. But some like Ron Davenport are still without power. Fortunately he has a generator to keep his fridge running and his television on. But he still has to light up candles and oil lamps to see around the house.

Reporter: "So that's how cold it's been huh?"

Davenport: "That's how cold it's been during the daytime. When the suns out you know?"

Davenport's dishwashing soap is frozen. The generator is not enough to heat up the house -- so he's using a propane heater to warm up both he and his wife, and their little dog Mutlee.

Davenport: "The top of its rotten."

Reporter: "And this is the one that supply's your power?"

Davenport: "Right. That one and the one next to it. Right there. You see it."

Davenport showed us the power poles that provide electricity to his 100 year old home. He doesn't blame his problems on the storm as much as he does something else.

Davenport: "PG&E promises you the world but doesn't give you anything."

Davenport says PG&E has done a poor job maintaining the utility poles. And it's affecting more than just his family.

Davenport: "I feel sorry for the older people like the person who lives here. His name is Leo Martin. He's 90 years old, and he lives here on top of this hill here. And he has no generators or nothing. All he has is a wood stove and that's it."

Those without power or a generator can come to the North Fork Community Development Center at the old mill site.

Volunteers are opening up a warming center -- providing a hot meal, a warm shower, WI-FI internet access and movies played inside an art gallery.

Sarah Rah: "Little by little different parts of town have come online but there's still dozens if not hundreds of families that are without power."

Volunteers at the warming center have been putting these flyers into people's mail boxes letting them know that they'll be open from nine in the morning until ten at night. If you need a place to stay you can come to the old mill site located just off of Road 225.

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