'Handbag Bandit' has a lengthy criminal past

FRESNO, Calif.

Police are looking for 25 year old Andrew Boydstun in connection to eight commercial burglaries. Wednesday, Action News learned Andrew Boydstun has been charged in several cases of theft and attempted burglary since 2008. He's currently considered a probation fugitive after he stopped reporting to probation hearings in February. In March, the purse snatching began.

Many of the burglaries were caught on camera and police said multiple tips led them to Boydstun. "Each phone call seemed to be a different piece of the puzzle. Eventually we got phone calls with names," said Fresno Police Captain Al Maroney.

Action News has learned Boydstun is a native of Exeter who worked as recently as last year as an account executive for a Fresno radio station. Until about three weeks ago, Boydstun lived in a subdivision on the Clovis and Fresno border. The homeowner said he asked Boydstun to leave after he learned of his criminal past.

In December of 2010, Boydstun took a plea deal for a grand theft and attempted burglary case. He was sentenced to 90 days in the Fresno County Jail but released after a month due to overcrowding. Now, police are looking for him again.

Ashley Perkins, a waitress at the Clovis Applebee's, had her purse stolen on March 15. Perkins is hoping Boydstun will be arrested soon so the thefts will stop. "I think he needs help. There are reasons behind his behaviors and actions. And they need to get to the root of the problem or he's going to continue to do the same thing," said Perkins.

Police served a search warrant at Boydstun's last known address last Friday. While the homeowner told Action News Boydstun hasn't lived there for weeks, a neighbor said he saw him in the neighborhood as recently as Sunday, when the suspect parked his car on another block. That neighbor said he called police -- but Boydstun is still on the run.

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