Lightning strikes inches from two Fresno teens

FRESNO, Calif.

Similar damage could be found in his neighbors house where the tree is. The thunderbolt scorched it so violently -- it left a scar up and down the tree where bark used to protect it.

Tejeda didn't witness the lightning strike but neighbors did fill him in on what took place next to his yard.

"The two young teenagers were sitting down here the boys were. Right in front of this box. They had come in for shelter from the storm and all they remember is seeing a bright flash and a few minutes later they woke up. They were both supposedly unconscious, blown out into the street. They were very fortunate." said Tejeda.

Neighbors at the scene tell Action News one of the boys seemed to be unharmed physically but the other did complain about having a headache. We're told both high school sophomores were taken to hospital by their parents for a checkup. Other witnesses were astonished by the streak of lightning.

"It happened so fast that basically this flash of light it made me blink and then from the aftermath of it was just loud, very loud explosion. And this huge puff of smoke that went into the air." said Manmohan Hans.

The Fresno Fire Department responded to the lightning strike but witnesses tell me the two boys had already gone home. They say the scare serves as a reminder to never stay underneath a tree during a lightning storm or even a hail storm.

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