Target of Fresno murder-for-hire plot speaks out

FRESNO, Calif.

Rama Dawar is still in a bit of shock as he sat on his living room sofa Wednesday night. Fresno Police investigators told him about the hit on his life just days before the alleged attack was to take place this past weekend. Dawar says he couldn't tell anyone about it -- not even his wife and kids.

"I cannot describe how I went through that time. I was acting like a paranoid. Wherever I was going, having somebody either from family or friends not telling them asking them to drive for me." said Dawar.

Police used a confidential informant to record audio and video exchanges with Daljit Singh over the course of two months. The District Attorney's office claims to have evidence that proves Singh asked the informant to kill Dawar and even provided a down payment and a stolen gun to execute the plan.

"Solicitation to commit murder is another word for asking somebody to commit a murder. It's an extremely serious crime. The maximum term of incarceration on that is nine year state." said Greg Anderson from the Fresno District Attorney's Office.

Daljit Singh also goes by the name Danny Multani. Officers arrested him Monday at his West Central Fresno limo and towing company. Singh's attorney questions the credibility of the confidential informant.

"The person who went to police and said that this took place is someone who is convicted of saled narcotics, burglary. Grand theft, forgery. Has four or five convictions. This is a person who can't be believed." said attorney Tony Capozzi.

Singh and Dawar have been business partners in the past. Dawar says that relationship took a downward turn after he says Singh cheated him out of money a few years ago. But the two were seen together as recently as two weeks ago at a restaurant grand opening. The 43 year old had no idea back then that his life would be in danger. When asked what he would say to Singh -- he had this response.

"I would ask him what I did wrong. That he would want to take my life from my children. From my wife. From my parents. And what wrong things I have done that he went to that extent." said Dawar.

Singh is in the Fresno County jail. His bail is set at just over $1,000,000. And there's also an Immigration and Customs Enforcement case against him.

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