Clovis High students build for the future

FRESNO, Calif.

The Construction Technology Pathway program helps students build for the future.

Crewgar Estates featured several eight-by-twelve homes designed, framed and built by Clovis High Cougars. The students wired their buildings, put up ceiling fans and even installed plumbing.

Clovis High senior Kyle Davis said, "We've done lots of interesting things in here, from the studs 16 inches apart to the roof to the concrete on the floor. We poured it all. We installed the door. The phone was actually the electronics class but you can see how it all ties together."

Steve Ward made his first public appearance as Clovis Unified's interim superintendent. District officials were on campus to look over this unique learning environment.

Construction instructor Jay Eichmann said, "People hear the construction crew pathway and right away they think carpentry, framing, hammer, nail but in actuality it's a very diverse pathway so we teach architecture, engineering. We have electronics, a very involved electronics class."

The hard-hat wearing students are eager and ready to learn but teachers must be very focused and alert at all times. Eichmann explained, "I liken it to the idea of herding cats except in the recurring dream I have all the cats have power tools so you have to be on your toes as an instructor to keep them safe and in their place."

Security camera systems were being studied and set up by the students.

Kyle Davis loves the real world experience he can't get out of a regular classroom. "In the beginning this was just a hobby but this could be a career. It's inspired to actually do stuff like this."

Action News was on campus in September when students poured cement for their projects, laying down the foundation not only for the houses but their futures as well.

About 150 students are involved with the Construction Technology Pathway program at Clovis High, which was just a vision three years ago.

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