Harsh words for the Fowler city council

FOWLER, Calif.

"Don't pee on the boots and tell me its raining. Don't do that to this community here." said Jeff Budwig.

Several people took direct verbal shots at city council members Tuesday night. They claim the council failed to hold Darrell Jamgochian accountable for sweeping stacks of cases under the rug during his tenure as police chief.

The grand jury report says some of those cases were serious like attempted murder and sex crimes.

"The Grand Jury report is correct. Darrell did not do his job. You failed to provide oversight. You failed us as citizens of this community. I would respectfully request that each and every one of you resign." said Budwig.

All but one council member disputes those claims. They say the grand jury's report contains factual errors and that the council became proactive once they learned of Jamgochian's alleged transgressions.

"I'm very sorry that those issues were not addressed accordingly or was as fast as it probably would have been possible. But the council did the right thing." said Fowler Mayor David Cardenas.

Derek Thomason is a support systems manager for the Fowler Police Department. His job is to help the chief file cases with the district attorney's office. Thomason told the council he was the one who reached out to the Fresno County Grand Jury back in November after he noticed the stacks of case files that sat idle in Jamgochian's office.

"Because this corruption needed to be exposed. These things needed to be addressed. And steps need to be taken to make sure it doesn't happen again. Gentleman I am the whistle blower. And you can fire me if you like but I have done my duty here and I would challenge each and every one of you to do your duty." said Thomason.

The final draft of the council's response will be amended and sent to the grand jury Wednesday. The group had 60 days to issue the response but took only six.

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