Local Democrats upset over Debt deal


Steve Smith who is a member of the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee says Denham and other Republicans are treating this deal as too much of a victory.

"They view us as losers and that means to me they see government as one side always winning and one side always losing."

In fact, the deficit cutting part of the deal does very little, cuts in the first year amount to less than 1% of the Federal budget.

While some conservatives may hope to cut funding for programs like High Speed Rail, local supporters aren't worried, yet. Steve Geil of the Fresno County Economic Development Corporation notes the project has six billion dollars in the bank, and the approval of California voters.

" It's gonna start next year and we have enough money to go through 2017 with it and in five years we are going to be in a totally different economic environment."

With cutting government spending the goal, local governments are expecting to get less from Washington. But they don't know how much less.

Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea says one concern is over law enforcement funds. "We know we are in the middle of a cops grant right now with the Federal Government to fund 40 to 45 Sheriff's Deputies it's a competitive grant we won't know the answer until October so we're sorting things out to see if that funding will be impacted at all."

The uncertainty may last awhile because the real cuts called for in the agreement won't really occur until after the next Presidential election, and what has been agreed to this week could be changed or even undone.

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