Valley businesses encouraged to be breastfeeding friendly

FRESNO, Calif.

When Layne decided to breastfeed, her bosses installed a lock on her door for privacy. When Wesley isn't with her, she pumps her milk twice a day at work. "I'm extremely grateful to work at a business that supports the family the way they do here."

The law firm has partnered with First 5 Fresno County to display the new BFF logo. Local businesses are encouraged to become breastfeeding friendly. First 5 Fresno County launched the BFF campaign this summer hoping to increase the number of breastfeeding moms.

"In Fresno County there are 17,000 babies are born every year and less than 40 percent of moms come out of the hospital breastfeeding their babies," Fabiola Gonzalez said.

Why breastfeed? According to Babies First, formula costs $1,200 to $1,500 a year, while breastmilk is free and full of nutrients. Breastfed babies are less likely to develop respiratory infections, childhood diabetes, and less likely to become obese.

Yammilette Rodriguez works at the Youth Leadership Institute. She has a private place to pump and store her's not only convenient, it's California law.

The law says you have to provide an employee who wants to breastfeed the private place othern than a bathroom stall, and the appropriate breaks and an appropriate place to store the milk.

First 5 hopes more companies will display the BFF logo and give moms the support they need to help them balance work and motherhood.

"I would definitely agree it makes me a better employee with the support my employer has given me I would say it make me more productive it lessens the worry I have," Rodriguez said.

New parents can get more great advice from leading child experts in the Valley and tap into great resources this Sunday. Watch our Children First special, "Bringing Up Baby." Sunday, at 6:30, here on ABC30.

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