Visalia family spends this September 11th quietly at home


Norma Ward says as soon as her husband bought their house -- he immediately went out and bought this fountain to sit on top of a planter in front.

The fountain is now a memorial for Ray's son, Timothy Ward, who died in the September 11th attacks. Tim Ward was on flight 175, which crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

It's still painful for the Ward family to talk about his death. Too painful for his father, Ray, to talk.

Norma Ward said, "We think of the loss... and then you also think of all the lives that have been affected by the terrorists."

The most unique and incredible feature of the Wards' memorial is a picture. The photo shows Tim standing with the twin towers behind him. It was taken during a vacation with his girlfriend in New York City -- just four months before the September 11th attacks.

Norma ward, "By having this picture it's a memorial to Tim and to the towers you know it's... has the capability of representing so much when you look at it you not only see Tim but you also see everyone else that lives were changed from that day."

The Wards declined taking part in the tenth anniversary ceremony in New York City on Sunday and they are not attending any ceremonies at home.

Norma Ward said, "We won't be involved in any event it's just a time he wants to kind of be alone."

The Ward family already has enough on their plate. Their house -- purchased with money given to them from the 9-11 victims compensation fund -- burned down twice in the last year. It's supposed to be complete and move-in ready in three weeks.

Norma Ward said, "We're ready to have our lives back to normal."

Though the house is not completely done -- this fountain is. Norma says it's a place they can go and reflect on Tim's life, and the love they have for him.

Norma Ward said, "This is just a comfort zone for Ray to have and remembrance of his son... and it's peaceful."

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